Konstiga reklamslogans

Bara var åttonde banan är god nog att bli en Chiquita. Jaha, vad gör de med resten av bananerna då? Slänger de dem? Vilket ohyggligt resursslöseri isåfall. Jag ska aldrig äta chiquitabananer igen. Nä den här sloganen får definitivt underkänt.


Paraplyer, likt liggunderlag och förband, är prylar som man aldrig har när man mest behöver dem. Det kvittar hur många företagslogotypade regnstoppare man samlar på sig. När skyarna pissar ner floder har de alla flytt hemmet. Under de nederbördsfria delarna av året ligger de i ett hörn i hallen och samlar damm.

Let's save youtube-mp3 from google

A lot of us likes to listen to music on youtube. A great service that helps with that is www.youtube-mp3.org. It allows you to convert videos on youtube that are usually in flv format to much more listener friendly mp3 files. There are competing sites out there that perform the same function as youtube-mp3, but none of them are as good and most of them are spamming multiple pages of ads at you, which youtube-mp3 definitely does not.

Unfortunately its existence is being threatened by Google's lawyers. See this disturbing call for help. I don't think the site could in any possible way be of any harm to Google or their advertising revenue. Instead, Google should be pleased because youtube-mp3 probably saves them a lot of bandwidth as you can relisten to the music without having to download the videos multiple times.

Google has, or had, lots of useful API:s. Such as AppEngine, Google Maps, GMail, Google Docs and many more. But as time goes on, it seems their acceptable use policy for them gets narrower and narrower. First they had a soap api for search which worked exactly like google.com. Then they handicapped it so that it would only return a maximum of about 32 results in a completely different order than what google.com gave. But that wasn't enough so they then replaced it with their totally nerfed custom search api. Apparently they decided that their search results could only be displayed inside correctly google branded search boxes and without any possibility of escaping sponsored results.

Now, if that was the idea all along, then why didn't they start out with those extremely limited usage conditions? Which brings us back to YouTube, which didn't use to have unskippable video ads, sponsored recommendations and overlay video ads. It was all crept upon us. One might counter with that they can do whatever they want with their site, which is true but still seem unfair to me. YouTube would not be very interesting without all the millions of videos created by the users and they are not Google employees. Maybe Google thinks they have reached critical mass and they are now so big that they can implement more restrictions without worrying about a competitor taking over. It may be true unless there is an easy way to transfer videos off youtube and on to another site. But they would never have reached the #1 spot they are at today without the work of millions of users.

The KDE Rant

I guess KDE will be my new desktop now that GNOME has gone fucked. For some reason both gnome-shell and Unity works slow as hell with my 3d drivers. KDE works decently though, so it can't all be fglxr's fault. Plus, I was kind of content with classical GNOME without any of the bling bling and semantic desktop junk.

KDE 4.8.3 does impress - animations are smooth and there are lots of shadows in all the right places. It has lots of features and lots of places where you can customize things. I guess that that is both its greatest advantage and drawback:

  • There is no such thing as a desktop theme. Oh, no that would have been to simple. There is a setting controlling the audio events theme, one more theme for window decorations, one for mouse pointers, desktop theme (for the panel), start screen theme, widget engine (controlling how Qt renders widgets), color theme, icon theme, GTK+ theme and finally smiley theme. I don't have the patience to tweak that stuff. Just give me some graphics that works please.
  • Which the default graphics theme Oxygene does not. It appears to have been designed by someone with a fetish for shades of gray. Window frames have gray gradients, panels are gray, menues, buttons etc. It is really hard to read dark gray text on a brighter gray background, especially when that background is semi-transparent.
  • Oh what wouldn't I give to remove that stupid transparency from the bottom panel. KDE has settings all over the place but not one for making the panels opaque. The idea is that you should have to download a panel theme with a non-transparent panel. Which is a great idea until you realize that every damn theme author in the whole world loves semi-transparent panels because they are more concerned with shiny happy graphics than being usable.
  • The KDE people could just rip Clearlooks from GNOME and be done with it. Then they'd have both an awesome desktop with great looking desktop with BILLIONS of smooth animations and shadows and ALSO readable text! It saddens me that KDE gets so close to perfect, then has so many EASILY fixable design issues that it significantly degrades the whole experience. Like a marathon runner 100 meters ahead of the pack who trips over himself and falls a few meters from the finish line.

Everyone got to rant, this was my turn.


Nu har det regnat i fyra dagar i streck. Det bara pissar ner och verkar aldrig ta slut. Jag är så nöjd med att inte ha någonting att göra idag utan bara kan sitta hemma och dega. Imorgon bär det av till Turkiet!


Gör mig så jävla illa berörd. Oavsett vad så är samhället så jävla sjukt när folk tvingas sova utomhus när regnet står som spön i backen. Jag blir förbannad på det sätt då förbannelsen lever av sig själv! Vad är det för värld vi lever i där sådana missförhållanden får fortgå?