My Small Predictions

In less than three years time, 99.99% of all web traffic will be from automated bots. So 1/10,000 requests will be from a human which is silly little. Also in the future, computer systems will not be measured in mhz or mips but instead in http requests per second.

I think consumer grade 100 Tbit links are just around the corner. No purely human directed traffic can saturate pipes like that. Not even superHD video whatever that will be. Something else will fill them. A lot of resources will be spent maintaining a personal google index for each and every person. Imagine that. Your own search engine backed up by a huge neural network which learns your likes and dislikes, your writing style so you will only have to spend minimal effort searching for what you are after. Having to use a regular search-engine will become very hard because you will be so accustomed to the personal one that it will be like trying to speak a foreign language.

There will be competent ghost writer bots. Those bots will index all kinds of literature available on the internet and suggest precise, colorful or humorous formulations for you to write your blog posts with. It will be like autocomplete in forms, except it will work in textareas and for multiple paragraphs at the same time. The only downside is that, while more prose will be written, a smaller portion of it will be read by humans. The rest will be consumed by bots.

And that's just some advances that will happen in the area of text-processing. Then we will get accurate image and video recognition. I'm to tired to speculate but it will be quite cool.