Fucking Fair Scheduling

I'm running a compile in a terminal which takes most of the CPU. In another terminal I'm viewing a log with less. And less is fucking lagging!! How fucking broken is that?

Deep Space 9

Turns out Deep Space 9 is quite good after all. There are a little to many similarities with TNG, but that's also good in a way since the TNG seasons was fantastic. Ben Sisko is the station commander and is in many ways comparable to Picard. Except he doesn't have the same interesting personality and charisma that Picard had. He is kind of a light version of Picard.

I almost wrote black version of Picard. It wouldn't have been accurate because he fits the role well and his skin color neither adds nor subtracts from it.

I like Julian Bashere as the stations doctor. He manages to convey his role very well and isn't as bland as Bevery Crusher was. My guess is that he will play even better in the next seasons of the series (I've only watch the first one so far).

Even the child actors are bearable. Nogg and Jake. They bring some mischevious funnyness into the series. Definitely not my type but since they are good actors it manages to become decent. That's in stark contrast with TNG in which all child actors without exception were horrible. Especially Wesley Crusher, yuck. I believe one of their reasons for existance is also to give Odo some "lighter" scenes.

Odo is a shapeshifter, grumpy and seem to dislike everyone and is the chief of security on DS9. I don't know who the actor is but I know it's someone famours. I just can't remember where I've seen him before. His character is in many ways like Worf, but I'd say his acting is a tad bit stronger than Worf. Or maybe like Data in that he is a non-human and have special powers.

I miss Data. There is no Data on Deep Space 9. And also no Geordie LaForge, which is a shame. Those were the best actors in TNG.

Then we come to Commander Kiera, Sisko's right hand. She is not bad and not good. Kind of bland so far and cries to much. Apparently one of the main storylines will be the Bajoran independence (DS9 is a Federation outpost in the Bajoran system). Since she was a member of the resistance movement during the Cardassian occupation. Undoubtedly there will be more sad, emotional and heart breaking scenes to come for her. Which is BOOORING.

Not to forget, Chief O'Brian were transferred from Enterprise to DS9 and now serves as chief of technology on the station. He is exactly like he was on Enterprise but now he gets more scenes. Good move by the produces, I like him.

And then to forget, Liuetenant Dax. Totally boring, emotionless and perfect in every way. She has a nice ass, firm tits and tight costume. I hope the producers were smart enough to include some shower scenes with her.

Quark is the ferengi bartender. Not in the least similar to Guinan. He has already got lots of scenes and been able to build up a lot of character. In the DS9 universe, ferengi apparently aren't as disguisting as in TNG. Nogg is even wearing some kind of "cute ferengi" costume. Like fewer wrinkles and better teeth. I can live with that.

Who ever is playing Q is playing well. But it just makes no fucking sense that he would stop harassing Picard and begin harassing Sisko. It's just silly and unrealistic. I always had a hard time for the Q episodes even the good ones (e.g. the trial against humanity), the DS9 ones will be worse.

All in all, I've enjoyed the episodes so far. I'll give it four out of five comm badges.


Alltid. Dagen efter jag varit full oroar jag mig för ifall jag varit ett arsle eller inte. Gjorde jag bort mig, var jag ett svin mot folk eller bara allmänt social och trevlig? Det är svårt att veta för jag kan ju inte fråga de inblandade vad de tyckte om Björns beteénde på en skala ett till tio liksom... Den här gången tänker jag inte grunna på det iallafall.


Realized I'm in the exact same situation regarding GUADEC as I was two years ago. :( Excep this time no girlfriend. I really want to go, but damn is it expensive.


are stupid. Very stupid. Especially subversion ones. :(