Personal Issues

Dammit. I can't help it but I still take it personal when someone rejects my bugs or patches. I hate it! The worst thing is that I know I am right. Either I am a bad communicator or people are just thick. I know what option I would like to believe in. Grrrr...


143 riksdagsledamöter är kukskallar. Vad ska vi göra med dem? Kanske borde de tänka efter vad de spenderar sina liv på. Leva i lyx med fet riksdagslön... Viktigare än att tänka efter och framföra sin ärliga åsikt. Zombies.

FRA suger

FRA lagen är helt sjuk. Vi måste få fegisar som Frederick Federly på bättre tanker. Borgaras. Hoppas på många utanför riksdagshuset 08:00 18/6.

Banana Knowledge

Sometimes Slashdot actually contain some interesting stuff, like this article about bananas. Like this comment:

So, was granpa's banana more slippery?
Actually, that's a slightly hedged 'yes'.
Grampa's banana had a thicker, more durable skin, in addition to being larger than the bananas we youngun's know so well. The other reason it's so popular as comic relief is because it actually was a real hazard back around 1915-ish. As a 'portable' fruit, they were handy to carry anywhere, and without streetcorner trash cans, the peels got tossed on the sidewalk as often as not. And considering bananas are (and were) the most popular fruit in the US (almost twice as popular as the good ol' apple), it really was a normal hazard. The Boy Scout handbook of 1914 actually listed removing a banana peel from the sidewalk as a 'good deed', it was that common an occurence.

Did you know that the current type of banana everyone eats is called Cavendish because the previously most popular banana Gros Michel went extinct in the 60's?