Installing is finally easy!

Easy_install, or as it is more accurately called setuptools 06.c11 has for a long time more been a nuisance than a helpful installation tool. I used to have lot of trouble easy installing stuff on Windows, with weird exceptions, some which seemed to have been caused by path name differences on Windows and Unix. HTTP erros caused by weirdness in the software or flaky servers made trying to install something using easy_install a tiresome process. Usually it was easier just getting the source from the repoistory and installing it manually.

But today, I had to install a big django app with lots of dependencies. Easy install just went BAM BAM BAM installing every package I needed! Totally effortless, it was awesome! I'm hoping it will someday get included in Pythons standard library for even easier installations in the future.

vmsplice(): the making of a local root exploit

vmsplice(): the making of a local root exploit - Fascinating LWM article about the famous vmsplice() local root vulnerability from 2008.