It is official!

It is official! GtkImageView is now released!

Here is the whole release announcement reprinted in full, just for fun:

I'm pleased to finally announce GtkImageView 1.0.0:


GtkImageView is a simple image viewer widget for GTK. Similar to the image viewer panes in gThumb or Eye of Gnome. It makes writing image viewing and editing applications easy. Among its features are:

  • Mouse and keyboard zooming.
  • Scrolling and dragging.
  • Adjustable interpolation.
  • Fullscreen mode.


Check it out from Subversion:

svn co

Or download the latest release tarball:

API documentation can be found by browsing to the ./docs/reference/html/index.html file.

Project website:


Here is the canonical example for using the widget:

#include <gtkimageview/gtkimagescrollwin.h>
#include <gtkimageview/gtkimageview.h>
GtkWidget *view = gtk_image_view_new ();
GtkWidget *scroll = gtk_image_scroll_win_new (GTK_IMAGE_VIEW (view));

/* Where "box" is a GtkBox already part of your layout. */
gtk_box_pack_start (GTK_BOX (box), scroll, TRUE, TRUE, 0);

GdkPixbuf *pixbuf = gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file ("someimage.png", NULL);
gtk_image_view_set_pixbuf (GTK_IMAGE_VIEW (view), pixbuf);


  • Python bindings.
  • Perl bindings.
  • Gtk# bindings.

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